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MultiState LogoThe number of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for city and countywide broadband-wireless infrastructure continues to accelerate, representing increasing business opportunities for equipment vendors, service providers, systems integrators and consultants. Track city and community RFP news and release information, through the Business Opportunities database operated by MultiState Associates- a U.S.-based state and local government relations and procurement resource service. Sign up for a free trial today! To get weekly updates, subscribe to W2i's weekly newsletter - The W2i Report.


1.UCLA Seeks Wireless APs and Installation Services

UCLA seeks wireless access points and installation services. Proposals are due April 10, 2008. Bidders conference is on March 20, 2008.

Multiple Wireless Local Area Network Projects 2008 - CTS Project Number 08-WO-002 Description of Work Furnish and install or install University-furnished 802.11 Wireless Access Points (AP) and/or wireless management system sensors on the UCLA campus in support of the University's on-going program of provisioning 802.11 wireless coverage throughout campus. Provide all associated communications low voltage wiring required for each new AP or sensor. Perform preand post-installation spectrum analysis to optimize 802.11 wireless coverage. Work shall be performed on an as-needed, on-call basis. The estimated budget for this project is $650,000.


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2.Sioux Falls (SD) Airport Announces Wireless RFP
Sioux Falls (SD) Airport announces wireless RFP. Proposals are due April 11, 2008. The Sioux Falls Regional Airport Authority (SFRAA) is soliciting Bids from interested and qualified Bidder(s) for the design, installation, management, and operation of SFRAA owned and branded enterprise class Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) for the purpose of providing high-speed wireless internet service to the traveling public at no cost to the public. Both three (3) year and five (5) year proposals will be considered. For further information regarding this project, please contact Mr. Michael Marnach, Airport Director, at (605) 336-0762.

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