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Addison, TX
Location: USA

The northern Dallas suburb of Addison is home to the first citywide broadband-wireless network deployed in Texas. According to Mayor Joe Chow, the City had become frustrated with incumbent cable providers. Addison experiences a high inflow of workers each day, and widely available high-speed Internet access for businesses, residents and local-government workforce was the primary driver behind deployment. Wireless Internet service provider Red Moon provides variety of service plans, ranging from an hourly access charge of $5.95 to a one-month service plan at $19.95.

Website: http://www.moonoveraddison.com/
Practitioner Name: Lindsay Reed
Practitioner Tel: 972-716-0500 ext. 33
Practitioner E-mail: lreed@michaelpartners.com
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Adel, GA
Location: USA

Before 2003, high-speed broadband access was sparese in this small community in South Georgia. Under the leadership of Mayor Richard Barr, Adel partnered with Camvera Networks for engineering, design, and construction of a municipal wireless broadband system. City leaders believe that high-speed connectivity is a quality-of-life issue and is important to retain local employers. Adel found that it could not be successful in economic development without a state-of-the-art Internet system that would be available throughout the city and hopefully the entire county. Because the city has successfully owned and operated its own electrical distribution system, its natural gas system, and water and sewer system for many years, Mayor Barr said the the citizens felt that a city-owned system was a natural fit. At the same time, the relationship with Camvera has shown the benefits of a public-private partnership. Adel's Southlink.us project can deliver a data rate up to 3.0 Mbps with a range of up to eight miles and has since expanded to serve neighboring townships and bedroom communities throughout Cook County, Georgia, an area covering almost 300 square miles. In 2005, the Intelligent Community Forum named Adel as a “Smart 21 Community” Finalist for its Top Seven Intelligent Broadband Communities Worldwide for 2006.

Website: http://www.southlink.us
Practitioner Name: Carl Peede
Practitioner Tel: n/a
Practitioner E-mail: cpeede@camvera.com
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Alberta SuperNet
Location: Canada

Alberta SuperNet uses a combination of fiber optic cable and wireless technology to reach 429 communities in rural Alberta. It is a high-speed, high-capacity network meant to increase the efficiency and reach of government offices, educational institutions, libraries and other public organizations, and healthcare facilities. The government of Alberta fully funds the project, and has contracts with Bell Canada and Axia to manage the network. Wendell Warman, Chairperson of the Battle River Alberta Economic Alliance (BRAED), has said, "SuperNet will help put rural Alberta on an equal footing with the larger urban centers. SuperNet could mean the long-term survival of areas like east central Alberta. BRAED’s goal is to be an active player in achieving this initiative."

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Website: http://www.albertasupernet.ca/
Practitioner Name: Bill Hart
Practitioner Tel: (403) 538-4098
Practitioner E-mail: supernet@axia.com
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Vendor Name 1: AXIA
Vendor Title 1: Axia SuperNet, Ltd.
Vendor Name 2: BECA
Vendor Title 2: Bell Canada

Allegany County, MD
Location: USA

ALLCONET is the Intranet for Allegany County, Maryland. Consisting of a partnership of government and non-profit entities, ALLCONET is a creative and innovative approach to meeting the information needs of schools, government agencies, and communities. Now in its second inception, in which it will interface with the private sector, ALLCONET is committed to being self-servicing, and dedicated to employing the newest available technology to improve service, while containing costs. ALLCONET was originally formed to address the lack of adequate telecom infrastructure in the Allegany region, which had resulted in no investment from biotech and tech industries, and a lack of interest from incumbent Verizon. Key Players in the project are the City of Cumberland Municipal Government, the Allegany County Government, Public Library System, and Board of Education. The project was initially funded at a cost of $4.7 million by state, federal & local monies. Over a 10 month ROI cycle, the program expects $70,000/month savings on government services.

Website: http://www.allconet.org
Practitioner Name: Jeff Blank
Practitioner Tel: 301 759 2006/ 689 9584/ 240 580 0442
Practitioner E-mail: jblank@allconet.org
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Vendor Name 1: ALVR
Vendor Title 1: Alvarion-USA

Anaheim, CA
Location: USA

Home to Disneyland and a massive inflow of 25 million tourists annually, the City of Anaheim is also the 10th-largest city in California, with a population of 340,000 and approximately 50 square miles. Following a competitive bidding process, in October 2005 Anaheim chose EarthLink and its partners, Tropos and Motorola, to roll out a citywide wireless network by the fourth quarter of 2006. Anaheim was looking for wireless broadband coverage across its 50 square miles. "It didn’t want people cherry-picking the good spots," says John Nicoletti, the City's External Affairs Manager. "The service had to be ubiquitous and accountable to market forces to drive network upgrades. Minimizing the cost and involvement required by the city was a key, as was creating a business- and tourism-friendly climate." To offer a competitive alternative to an existing broadband offering, EarthLink would fund, own, deploy and operate the wireless-broadband network. EarthLink pays all electricity consumption charges and the pole attachment fees per pole per month, and it purchases a dark fiber network that runs underneath the city. Anaheim grants EarthLink the long-term rights to use the street poles and the traffic signals, and has the option to purchase the Wi-Fi accounts as well for the city employees. The city and EarthLink will work collaboratively to address the esthetics issue; the city will be 150 years old next year, and there are historic streetlights as well as a resort district with sign ordinances that includes the downtown Disney and Disney theme parks. The network will begin with a two-square-mile pilot, and by July the city hopes to have 20 square miles completed, with the rollout beginning in late June or early July.

Website: http://www.anaheim.net/administration/PIO/news.asp?id=853
Practitioner Name: John Nicoletti
Practitioner Tel: 714-765-5162
Practitioner E-mail: JNicolet@anaheim.net
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Annapolis, MD
Location: USA

In April 2006, Annapolis Wireless launched free high-speed wireless Internet access across the City of Annapolis using an ad-sponsored business model. The network supports local businesses, citizens and boaters who live, work and play in Annapolis, as well as the 5.6 million tourists who visit the area each year.

Website: www.annapoliswireless.com
Practitioner Name: Victor DeLeone
Practitioner Tel: 443-321-3743
Practitioner E-mail: victor@annapoliswireless.com
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Athens, GA, The Cloud
Location: USA

One of the first such projects in the county, Athens's WAG Zone began, in 2002, as a build-your-own network across 24 blocks with 5 MBs of throughput. Built and managed by students at the University of Georgia, the network was humorously referred to not as a “state-of-the-art” network but as a “state-of-Wal-Mart” network. Gradually, the network was upgraded with BelAir Networks equipment to provide more reliability and durability and increase the footprint. Athens’s “Cloud” a portal, or capture page, is apparent to users when they enter the WAG Zone and log on. The portal is registered intellectual property for the University of Georgia that allows users to register and type in profile information about yourself and what you want to do in Athens. Moreover, it gave a community face to the infrastructure.

Website: http://athenscloud.nmi.uga.edu/athens/home.php
Practitioner Name: Scott Shamp
Practitioner Tel: 706 227 7239
Practitioner E-mail: sshamp@uga.edu
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Vendor Name 1: BEL
Vendor Title 1: BelAir Networks

Atlanta, GA
Location: USA

Wireless Atlanta is an initiative launched by the City of Atlanta to partner with a service provider to deploy a citywide wireless broadband network. Wireless Atlanta will offer residents, visitors, and businesses the ability to access the Internet anytime and anywhere within the city. In January 2007, the City of Atlanta chose EarthLink to build, own and operate a citywide Wi-Fi network. The Wireless Atlanta initiative will help achieve the Mayor's Vision for the City by: • Improving the Quality of Life • Promoting Tourism and Economic Development • Leapfrogging Current City Service Levels

Website: http://apps.atlantaga.gov/wirelessatlanta/
Practitioner Name: Abe Kani
Practitioner Tel: 404 330 6128
Practitioner E-mail: akani@atlantaga.gov
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Vendor Name 1: BILT
Vendor Title 1: Biltmore Communications

Basque Country, Spain
Location: Spain

The Basque country is small—about 7,300 square kilometers with 2.1 million inhabitants in three territories and including 250 municipalities. In 2002 and 2003, the Basque government grew increasingly concerned about the lack of broadband penetration in rural areas of the region. Access was limited largely to those municipalities with the largest populations and thickest industrial fabric. In May 2004, the Basque government created a public corporation, ITELAZPI, and charged it with providing carrier services for radio, TV, and broadband to all populations in 100 target municipalities, even if they were isolated or dispersed over the territory. In October 2004, ITELAZPI called a public contest to select a telecommunication operator as its partner and, EUSKALTEL, the incumbent telecom, was selected at the end of 2004, to deploy a WiMAX network on the back of existing radio and TV infrastructure assets. The Basque government committed to make the necessary investments in network equipment and future upgrades, while EUSKALTEL would operate it. Now deployed, the network remains in public hands, allowing public authorities to make requirements about its use. The agreement also provides a guarantee for the future the region’s rural areas.

Website: http://www.kzbandazabala.net
Practitioner Name: Naiara Goia
Practitioner Tel: n/a
Practitioner E-mail: ngoia@itelazpi.net
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BBW, Tasmania
Location: Australia

The Australian island group of Tasmania presents a major challenge for providing remote business customers with broadband services. The mountainous, multi-island region had only inadequate wired telecom infrastructure, yet expanding the network would require impractical expenses. Thrifty Car Rental decided to connect its offices across the country and the company’s directors, Geoff Young and Paul Truscott, began exploring the options. Their research clearly pointed to broadband wireless access as the fastest, most flexible and cost-effective solution. Furthermore, broadband services could be offered to surrounding businesses. They established Broadband Wireless Pty Ltd. (BBW) and chose Alvarion for its secure and reliable BreezeACCESS® VL and BreezeNET® B systems. The BreezeACCESS VL, operating in the 5 GHz bands offers toll-quality VoIP, data and video services at speeds up to 54 Mbps, with OFDM Non-Line-of-Sight technology for superior reliability. The BreezeNET B provided building-to-building connectivity and could be used network backhaul at a range of up to 50 kilometers. BBW now provides broadband services to over 200 companies throughout Tasmania and parts of Victoria. They are one of Tasmania’s fastest growing technology companies and a leader in providing flexible, tailored communication solutions, using Alvarion products.

Website: www.broadbandwireless.com.au
Practitioner Name: Geoff Young, Paul Trascott
Practitioner Tel: 03 6234 1288
Practitioner E-mail: hbt.office@bbwtelecom.net.au
Vendor Name 1: ALVR
Vendor Title 1: Alvarion-HQ

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