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Rijeka, Croatia
Location: Croatia

Rijeka, population 140,000, is the third largest city in Croatia and the country's most important port. The city IT department along with Krk Sistemi, the local service provider, are offering free wireless broadband access in the city center to residents, visitors, and tourists.  The city and ISP have engaged Proxim Wireless, a California-based technology vendor, and Proxim's European partner Datentechnik.

Croatia Case Study

The network relies on Proxim ORiNOCO AP-4000M Wi-Fi Mesh Access Points.  The mayor of Rijeka has stated: “According to information from Rijeka city government, this is currently the largest installation of a free Internet access network in Croatia, and it will help the city of Rijeka to become an even more interesting destination for tourists.” 

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Website: http://www.krksistemi.hr/
Practitioner Name: Bert Williams
Practitioner Tel: 408 731-2610
Practitioner E-mail: bwilliams@proxim.com
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Vendor Name 1: PROX
Vendor Title 1: Proxim

Rio Rancho, NM
Location: USA

In March 2006, the City of Rio Rancho reached an agreement with municipal Wi-Fi operator Azulstar, Inc. to offer free High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet access to the community. The service is provided over the year-old city-wide Wi-Fi network, blanketing some 45 square miles of the city, reaching some 70,000 residents and visitors. Users of the free service can connect at 100kbps for up to 10 hours/month. Any resident and visitor need only connect to the ‘Azulstar’ Wi-Fi signal and signup to immediately begin using the Internet. Local advertisements will be used to support the service; higher speeds and Voice over IP are available as premium services.

Website: http://www.ci.rio-rancho.nm.us
Practitioner Name: Peggy McCarthy
Practitioner Tel: 505-896-8701
Practitioner E-mail: PMCCARTHY@ci.rio-rancho.nm.us
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Ripon, CA
Location: USA

Ripon is an upscale community of 14,000 two miles north of Modesto, near Stockton. It is situated in a two-county area with 1 million population that has become notorious for crime and auto thefts. Six years ago, Ripon had only one server for all departments and a one-page Web site. It now has 16 servers and a multi-page Web site. About three and a half years ago, the city decided it wanted to look beyond cellular data and began a two-year project to deploy a citywide Wi-Fi network. It approached other cities and its own departments, and in April 2005 it released an RFP, including a map of the city and its requirements. Ripon settled on a Motorola mesh network for a variety of governmental uses as well as unbroken connectivity at vehicle speeds of 100 mph. It awarded the bid to implement the network to Lockheed Martin, which took about a month. In July 2005, it began rolling out devices on streetlights. As of October, 90 percent of the network was deployed, including 23 video cameras in parks and in commercial and high traffic areas. The police department uses the network to access GIS maps, hazmat and homeland security information, and warrants. An AP has been attached to the city’s mobile emergency command center, and more than 50 city vehicles have been installed with the wireless modems, bringing connectivity to publics works, city engineering, and the fire district. The additional units make the network more robust. The city is in the final process of negotiating with the school district to provide broadband-wireless Internet connectivity and to deploy on-campus cameras.

Website: http://www.riponpd.org
Practitioner Name: Dan Brannon
Practitioner Tel: 209-599-2102
Practitioner E-mail: dbrannon@cityofripon.org
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Rockford, IL
Location: USA

Initially responding to crime levels in public housing quarters, the Rockford Housing Authority teamed with the Rockford Police Department to find a wireless and mobile surveillance solution. With funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the city contracted Firetide to roll out the surveillance network, which consists of sixteen nodes containing a camera, battery, flashing blue light, and Wi-Fi antenna. The nodes communicate with separate relay nodes and with receiver units in police cruisers. In addition to the outdoor nodes, several units were placed inside the housing structures and in elevators.

The system was easily installed in three months and is completely self-contained. No reconfiguration of the existing network was required. While capturing useful footage, the surveillance nodes also serve as a visual deterrant to crime, reducing the instances of drive-by drug deals by far more than expected. In addition, residents' confidence in the safety of the premises and in reporting crimes has increased. The public safety network has been an inexpensive boon to the response ability of the police force as well as to the image of public housing generally. As funds permit, the Rockford Housing Authority plans to extend the network to offer free or inexpensive Wi-Fi access to residents, thereby contributing to digital inclusion.

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Website: http://www.firetide.com/index.cfm?section=solutions503&siteid=1
Practitioner Name: Ksenia Coffman
Practitioner Tel: 408-399-7771
Practitioner E-mail: kcoffman@firetide.com
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Vendor Name 1: FIRE
Vendor Title 1: FireTide

Rockville, MD
Location: USA

Rockville, Maryland's Town Center is a massive 60-acre planning initiative seeking to transform the suburban city's core into a mixed-use residential, commercial, cultural, and entertainment district. Different phases of the plan were unveiled throughout 2003 and 2004, and Phase I -- the central 12.5 acres -- was completed and dedicated in July of 2007. The plan stipulates limited parking availability, wide sidewalks, and street level establishments to make the space pedestrian-friendly.

Part of the plan includes free Wi-Fi access in the Town Square region of Town Center. To this end, Advanced Engineering & Planning Corporation (AEPCO) was awarded a license and right-of-way agreement by the city in 2007 to provide the network. Public areas will remain free while paid subsciptions will be available for residents and businesses wishing to bring the signal into their homes or establishments. As per the agreement with the city, mobile municipal employees will receive free accounts.

Rockville Case Study

AEPCO will own and operate the Wi-Fi network, with architecture consulting and operations support from Ricochet Networks, and ORiNOCO outdoor access point hardware from Proxim Wireless. Network expansion is planned for the future, with full city service possibly coming as soon as 24 months after Town Square service.

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Practitioner Name: Bill Toeller
Practitioner Tel: 301-670-6770
Practitioner E-mail: info-rockville-wifi@aepco.com
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Vendor Name 1: PROX
Vendor Title 1: Proxim
Vendor Name 2: AEPCO
Vendor Title 2: Advanced Engineering & Planning Corp.
Vendor Name 3: Rico
Vendor Title 3: Ricochet

Sacramento MetroConnect
Location: USA

In June 2007, the Sacramento (CA) city council voted to approve the contract between the city and Sacramento MetroConnect, a consortium of four companies: Azulstar, Cisco, Intel, and Seakay. The contract was the result of a winning proposal, in which Azulstar will own and operate the wireless network, Cisco will provide the hardware, Intel will serve an advisory role on digital inclusion and technical aspects, and Seakay will oversee Digital Opportunity education programs.

The free layer of the network will provide high-speed broadband access to the general public. Paid services and applications such as VoIP and video streaming will be supported by the network. Further, Azulstar will provide broadband-wireless applications for retail, health, government, public safety, tranportation, and education, with the capability to expand the range to include future applications.

Sacramento MetroConnect's focus on digital inclusion will materialize in community programs led by Intel and Seakay. These will include economic development efforts, philanthropic funding solicitation, and digital inclusion programs for schools, small businesses, and underserved communities.

The Sacramento MetroConnect project is a private, for-profit program. The free layer of broadband access will be supported by advertising and sponsorship, while subscriptions and advanced personal, business, and municipal applications will support the paid part of the network. A concept zone is expected in September 2007, with the remainder of the network beginning to roll out at the end of the year.

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Practitioner Name: Noa Eisenberg
Practitioner Tel: 646-729-6207
Practitioner E-mail: noa@azulstar.com
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Vendor Name 1: AZU
Vendor Title 1: Azulstar
Vendor Name 2: CISC
Vendor Title 2: Cisco
Vendor Name 3: IBM
Vendor Title 3: IBM
Vendor Name 4: INTL
Vendor Title 4: Intel

Saint Pierre les Elbeuf, Normandy
Location: France

The village of Saint Pierre les Elbeuf, a small rural community in the province of Normandy, had several pressing communication needs that were not being met by the insufficient ADSL network coverage. Outdate infrastructure and the sharing of MIS (Management Information Systems) and Internet resources located in buildings dispersed throughout the town presented a serious challenge. Legacy telecom equipment was incapable of meeting the rising demand of businesses and residents for always-on broadband Internet access. The expense and limited performance (64 kbps) of the leased lines being used to connect buildings caused the municipality to seek an alternative. A fiber-based network would be extremely expensive and require extensive time to deploy. Alvarion’s wireless broadband network presented a winning combination: low initial investment in equipment, with immediate increase in capacity and significant reduction in operating costs. The network, based on BreezeACCESS® II delivered enhanced data and voice services across the large distances between municipal buildings. The advanced coding and frequency hopping technology offered network security and the key to a centralized MIS. Two additional phases to the network deployment plan to provide high-speed wireless Internet access to local enterprises and then extend to residential customers.

Practitioner Name: International Corporate Headquarters
Practitioner Tel: +972 3 645 6262
Practitioner E-mail: corporate-sales@alvarion.com
Vendor Name 1: ALVR
Vendor Title 1: Alvarion-HQ

San Diego County, CA, Sheriff's Department
Location: United States

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department had been searching for ways to streamline their operations and enable officers to spend more time in the field. Transferring data to and from department desktops without access to real-time updates, had to be performed manually. In addition to the time wasted on these written reports, officers had to rely on poor-quality black and white photographs, printed descriptions and information on floppy disks that were all transported manually to and from headquarters. The Department soon realized that real-time broadband wireless connectivity for fast and reliable communications was indispensable, and they turned to Alvarion for a solution. Between 40 and 50 BreezeNET® base stations were positioned at government facilities throughout the city. 450 patrol vehicles were equipped with BreezeNET SA-10 station adaptors providing live high-speed access with data rates up to 15 mbps, a range of 30 miles and roaming capability up to 60 mph. Alvarion’s broadband wireless network also enables using small remote offices with complete network access while eliminating the large costs of establishing wire line connections.

Practitioner Name: North America Headquarters
Practitioner Tel: +1 650 314 2500
Practitioner E-mail: sales-north.america@alvarion.com
Vendor Name 1: ALVR
Vendor Title 1: Alvarion-USA

San Francisco, CA
Location: USA

San Francisco has generated worldwide attention ever since EarthLink and partner Google won a bid to provide the city with an ubiquitous Wi-Fi infrastructure, through and ad-supported model, in part through a two-tiered advertising-based model supporting free public access. Chris Vein, Senior Technology Advisor to the Mayor of San Francisco and Executive Director of the Department of Telecommunications and Information Services reflected on the history of the project at the Digital Cities Convention in London, September 2006: "It was in October of 2004 that my boss, Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco, put out a big audacious goal. He made a statement in his first State of the City address that said that every San Franciscan should have a computer and access to the Internet and no San Franciscan should be without access to free wireless-broadband service. "I happened to be in the audience that day, and I wasn’t in my current position, and I remember thinking, Oh, the poor devil who’s going to have make that promise a reality. And it turns out the next month that I became that person, and for the last two years I’ve been on an incredible journey in making what was a visionary statement — I don’t believe Mayor Newsom actually quite understood everything that was implied by that statement — but two years later, and quite a bit of work and publicity, we are at a stage of negotiating with EarthLink, Motorola and Tropos to provide ubiquitous access to all 49 square miles of the City and County of San Francisco."

Website: http://www.sfgov.org/site/tech_connect_page.asp?id=33899
Practitioner Name: Chris Vein
Practitioner Tel: 415-554-0890
Practitioner E-mail: teresa.galvis@sfgov.org
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San Mateo, CA
Location: USA

The City of San Mateo, California, Police Department installed a Wi-Fi mesh network that allows 72 officers in 40 patrol cars to take their desks on the road, helping to make the public safer and officers more effective in their jobs. “We have an intranet in San Mateo County connected to all the law-enforcement agencies, and we use it to share data, photographs, and large files,” says Lt. Wayne Hoss, project leader. “In the past, officers would return to the station and use this intranet to get a DMV photograph, a report from another city, or a six-pack of mug shots to show victims, but now they can do this in their patrol cars.” Officers have secure access to the Department of Justice, Amber Alerts, Megan’s Law, and the Cal Photo Database. When an officer moves to Wi-Fi coverage, he not only has access through CAD but through RMF, video server, the Internet and the intranet. “We’ve just begun to play with video surveillance to see exactly what that application is for us,” Hoss says. “We can monitor back to the police station and control the camera from the patrol car. Wireless surveillance gives you the extra boost that you need.” Foreseeable applications include traffic monitoring, connectivity to city hall and the sewage treatment plant, and 24-hour remote monitoring of city buildings.

Website: http://www.cityofsanmateo.org/dept/police/index.html
Practitioner Name: Wayne Hoss
Practitioner Tel: 650-522-7728
Practitioner E-mail: whoss@cityofsanmateo.org
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Vendor Name 1: TROP
Vendor Title 1: Tropos Networks-North America

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