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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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Philadelphia in Talks Over Wi-Fi Network; Won't Say Who
A spokesman for Mayor Michael Nutter said negotiations are under way. But he would not say whether they involved a community organization or a company.
From CNBC.com, June 12, 2008

Meraki Unwires San Francisco's Neediest
Biswas says Meraki will set up its system of Wi-Fi repeaters and Internet broadband access in “all” of the low-income housing communities in San Francisco, including the Altamont Hotel, where Newsom and Biswas will make the announcement.
From GigaOM, June 12, 2008

MetroFi Shutting Down Citywide Wi-Fi Deals
The company has told the majority of the nine towns and cities they service (including California and Illinois) that they're shutting down the networks on June 20.
From DSL Reports, June 12, 2008

What Are the Prospects for FemtoCells in US Market?
If there's one safe bet regarding femtocells, it's that success or bust, they're guaranteed to go down in telecom history as one of the most-watched and most-hyped technologies ever.
From Unstrung Insider, June 12, 2008

Many US Tech Workers Eager to Telecommute
More than a third of U.S. technology workers would accept pay cuts of up to 10 percent to work from home and avoid the expense of commuting to the office, according to a survey released on Tuesday.
From Reuters, June 12, 2008

10 Cities With Widespread Wireless Internet
While you're searching for a signal, broadband wireless activist Glenn Strachan suggests looking to these cities for widespread affordable access.
From Discovery Channel, June 12, 2008

MarketPlace: Municipal Wi-Fi Isn't Dead Yet
Two years and $17 million later, wireless Internet in Philadelphia's scheduled to expire tomorrow. The city had grand plans for what it hoped would be a national model for what's called municipal Wi-Fi, high-speed Internet pretty much anywhere in the city for a fee if you could afford it, free if you couldn't.
From American Public Media, June 12, 2008

City Government Business Drives Municipal Wireless Network Implementation
Success will require city governments to examine the business reasons for building wireless networks, since the wireless efforts of community groups will not address local government requirements.
From Government Technology, June 12, 2008

Leaves Degrade Wi-Fi Service for Some in Minneapolis
The re-emergence of leaves this spring has caused network delays and slower-than-expected download speeds in parts of the citywide network.
From Minneapolis Star-Tribune, June 12, 2008

T-Mobile, AT&T, Starbucks Resolve Wi-Fi Dispute
MOU to resolve differences over how the coffee house operator should transfer its Wi-Fi access from T-Mobile USA to AT&T.
From CNN Money, June 12, 2008

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