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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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Provo City Council Approves Sale of iProvo
y a vote of 4-3, Provo City Council last night approved the sale of the iProvo fiber-optic network to Broadweave Networks, creating the largest private municipal network in the U.S. The acquisition will officially close on June 30, 2008 with Broadweave’s service going live July 1, 2008.
From Broadweave Networks, June 11, 2008

TimeWarner Cable Tries Metering Internet Usage
On Thursday, new Time Warner Cable Internet subscribers in Beaumont, Texas, will have monthly allowances for the amount of data they upload and download. Those who go over will be charged $1 per gigabyte, a Time Warner Cable executive told the Associated Press.
From The Chicago Tribune, June 04, 2008

Korea's Intelligent Highway Infrastructure to Deploy Mesh
The system will enable the delivery of video surveillance and voice streamed to and from public safety and commuter vehicles and provide the architecture for a simplified communications infrastructure for traffic control and related systems.
From iStock Analysis, June 04, 2008

Taiwan to Become Top Wireless Region, Says Premier
Turning Taiwan into a wireless region is an extension of the "Mobile-City" (M-City) program initiated by the Taipei City government in 2004 when Taiwan's newly inaugurated president Ma Ying-jeou was serving as the mayor of Taipei.
From Digitimes, June 04, 2008

Ubiquitous Networking to Jump-Start Economy
Imagine a city where people drive electric cars that wirelessly communicate with each other to avoid accidents or traffic jams.
From CNET, June 04, 2008

Oklahoma City Claiming Largest Wi-Fi Network at 555 Square Miles
The $5 million Wi-Fi network system covers a massive 555-square-mile area and was funded with money from a public safety sales tax and city capital improvement funds. City officials say it's the largest city-owned and -operated Wi-Fi network in the world.
From Associated Press, June 04, 2008

Santa Fe (NM) Residents Fighting Muni Wi-Fi with ADA
They claim that they suffer ‘allergic reactions' to WiFi emissions, resulting in chest pain, numbness and headaches.
From Ars Tecnica, June 04, 2008

Rural Cambria County (PA) Network Goes Live
The highly versatile network enables the county to utilize a single, carrier-grade network for county government, education, public safety, commercial and residential applications.
From PR Newswire, June 04, 2008

France Rolls Out Ambitious Plan to Turn Digital
France has launched its search for a working formula to transform itself into a digital-driven economy by bringing together its best brains to study a plan that the government is set to implement within the next few months, the French media reported on Friday.
From Xinhua, June 03, 2008

Ocean City (NJ) Municipal Wireless on Hold Pending Review
A plan to provide wireless Internet access utilizing Wi-Fi throughout Ocean City must be re-evaluated in light of new legislation signed by Governor Corzine a few weeks ago.
From ocnj.us, June 02, 2008

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