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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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U.S. Has No Idea How Wired For Broadband It Is
A new study (pdf) from a telecom consulting firm named Costquest finds that while thirty-nine U.S. States have something vaguely resembling a broadband plan, only ten of the nation's fifty states have undertaken a definitive broadband mapping effort.
From DSL Reports, July 24, 2008

Gartner: Broadband in 77% of U.S. Households by 2012
The United States will close its digital divide significantly within the next four years, with 77% of U.S. households having a broadband Internet subscription, according to a new Gartner study.
From NetworkWorld, July 24, 2008

Last Stand For Canadian Independent ISPs
While Bell Canada insists network congestion makes such throttling necessary, data doesn't support those claims.
From DSL Reports, July 24, 2008

WiMAX: What's Working Now
The Taiwanese government's M-Taiwan project will ultimately partly rest on the availability of urban mobile WiMax. This is a major government initiative, partly aimed at creating an entire WiMax ecosystem (from silicon chips to applications), as the government has identified WiMax as one of the next big things after WiFi for the Taiwanese ICT industry.
From Light Reading, July 24, 2008

New AT&T Broadband Customer Additions Nose Dive
While a drop in new broadband additions was expected given market saturation and the housing market, most analysts still expected net additions to be somewhere around the 300,000 mark.
From DSL Reports, July 23, 2008

Meraki Grass-Roots Wireless Network Flourishing in S.F.
More than 70,000 users have already accessed the network, and Meraki aims to reach every neighborhood in the city by the end of the year.
From US News, July 23, 2008

Hold Off on WiMAX Investments, Gartner Cautions
One of the big factors that WiMAX has going against it, says Gartner, is that WiMAX networks won't be able to provide nationwide coverage for quite some time, as Sprint and its Clearwire partners will only begin launching commercial WiMAX services for the first time this September.
From Network World, July 23, 2008

Clearwire Stock Keeps Falling
Would-be mobile WiMax carrier's stock hit a 52-week low on the Nasdaq Tuesday, dropping as low as $8.98.
From Unstrung, July 23, 2008

Connected Nation Under Attack for Anti-Consumer Policy
To pre-empt any real national broadband policy from taking shape, the nation's largest broadband companies are collectively crafting their own anti-consumer "national broadband policy," and pushing it through Congress as a cure-all while consumers and the media nap.
From DSL Reports, July 23, 2008

Internet for Everyone, Connected Nation in Comparison
“There is a growing consensus on the need for broadband, and the need for government involvement to make the next generation of broadband happen,” says Wendy Wigen, government relations officer for EDUCAUSE, which supports both.
From BroadbandCensus.com, July 23, 2008

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