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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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Skeptics Concerned Fiber Can't Pay for Itself
Here in the U.S., a longtime financial analyst named Craig Moffett of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. looks at Verizon's costs — $900 per home passed — for its FiOS network and its stated goal of getting 25% of homes passed onto its video services plan and sees a problem.
From Telephony Online, July 08, 2008

illions Paying Extra in Rural "Broadband Blackspots"
People living in "broadband blackpsots" where there are no local loop unbundled (LLU) lines are paying up to £15 more per month for their broadband, compared to those in urban areas.
From PC Pro, July 08, 2008

Wireless Silicon Valley and San Francisco Meraki Compared
Silicon Valley project struggles for multiple approvals while San Francisco's grassroots effort takes flight.
From ComputerWorld, July 08, 2008

Comcast Making Move Toward WiMAX Femto Cells
The femtocell spectrum will be available for any of the new Clearwire partners to use, but Williams said that the cable companies will have the most incentive to use it because it allows them to cost-effectively deliver wireless to the home.
From Fierce Broadband Wireless, July 08, 2008

Santa Cruz (CA) Still Optimistic About Wi-Fi
"You really need to start talking about who's going to pay for it, how fast is it going to be, and does it make sense?" said Keith Holtaway, chief executive of the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz.
From SiliconValley.com, July 08, 2008

NebuAD Tries To Defuse Public Relations Nightmare
Over the last few weeks, behavioral advertising firm NebuAD has seen their entire business model jeopardized. Charter, Embarq, CenturyTel and Wide Open West, all of whom were either testing or deploying behavioral advertising technology from NebuAD, have either suspended or terminated those plans.
From DSL Reports, July 08, 2008

Japanese Researcher Studying Minnesota Rural Broadband
Japanese researcher Dr. Yoko Kawai recently traveled to five rural Minnesota communities, including Fergus Falls, after her research revealed that Minnesota was leading the pack in rural fiber optics deployment services.
From Fergus Falls Journal, July 03, 2008

Cerf Says Government Should Encourage Internet Competition
"Maybe we should treat the Internet more like the road system, look for ways of creating incentives to make the Internet more accessible to everyone, and less likely to be abused by the private sector," Cerf said.
From InformationWeek, July 03, 2008

Wireless Washtenaw Struggling Under Lack of Funding
Bob Wolff, president of 20/20 Communications, the Ann Arbor company building the wireless network - says he needs about $10 million to move forward and build the infrastructure needed to expand what's now a small wireless network across the county.
From The Ann-Arbor News, July 03, 2008

Internet Provider Halts Plan to Track, Sell Users' Surfing Data
Deep packet inspection represents a significant expansion in the ability to track a household's Web use because it taps into Internet connections.
From The Washington Post, July 03, 2008

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