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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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50 Austin Businesses to Get Free Public WiFi Hotspots
Local computer company is flipping the bill for free public Internet in restaurants, bars and coffee shops.
From PRWeb, April 09, 2010

NM Rail Runner to Open Wi-Fi to Public Testing on Train
Beginning Monday, Passenger Can Log On, Send Emails and Surf the Net While Riding the Rail
From New Mexico Rail Runner, April 01, 2010

Wales Launches Massive Public Sector Network
Wales, U.K., is launching a large-scale network to connect public services like schools, police and hospitals through a central network.
From Wireless Week, April 01, 2010

UK Must Wait until 2011 for New Spectrum Sale
The UK was once going to be the first country in Europe to auction 2.6GHz spectrum, a '3G expansion' sale that could have happened as early as 2007.
From Rethink Wireless, January 29, 2010

Massachusetts Group Fails to Find Funds in BTOP’s First Round
The Massachusetts Broadband Institute boldly announced this week that it’s a BTOP loser, at least temporarily.
From Broadband Breakfast, January 28, 2010

Union City New Jersey: wireless network and camera project bid
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that sealed Bids will be received by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Union City, County of Hudson, State of New Jersey on April 2, 2010 at 11:00 AM prevailing time in the City Clerk’s Office, second floor, 3715 Palisade Avenue, Union City, New Jersey, 07087 at which time and place the proposals will be opened and read in public:
From Muniwireless, January 28, 2010

AT&T Wi-Fi Handles More Than 85 Million Total Connections in 2009, More Than Four Times 2008
Nearly Three-Fourths of Wi-Fi Connections in Fourth Quarter Made by Smartphones and Integrated Devices. AT&T Leads Market in Including Wi-Fi at No Charge for Millions of Customers with Key Devices and Services.
From FierceWireless, January 26, 2010

Cisco-backed Teracom set to become BSNL's franchisee for WiMax in 8 circles
From Business Line India, January 25, 2010

In total, $313.5 million for Middle Mile and Last Mile Projects Will Bring Broadband Service To Rural Customers
From US Department of Agriculture, January 25, 2010

FCC encourages cooperation between broadband, smart grid
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has taken an active and financial role in plans for both the smart grid and broadband development, and it’s now encouraging the two industries to use one another.
From Connected Planet, January 22, 2010

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