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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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Red Sox IT Chief Copes with Wireless Interference
Boston's municipal Wi-fi network could interfere with Fenway Park's own hot spot, cause microwave interference with media, and disrupt communications at the 95 year old ballpark.
From Computerworld, June 06, 2007

Review: Portland's Municipal Wi-Fi Service is a Mixed Offering
Despite claims to 90 percent coverage, many have trouble accessing the much-touted network.
From OregonLive.com, June 06, 2007

China Nurtures a 'Clean Tech' Hub
Leaders in Jiangsu province between Beijing and Shanghai will encourage investors to focus on environment-friendly industries and make greener choices.
From The Wall Street Journal, June 06, 2007

Japan, South Korea Surge in Intelligent Transportation Systems Goals
These East Asian powerhouses leap far ahead of the pack in deploying efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly transportation systems.
From Telematics Journal, June 06, 2007

Triad of Companies Launch WiMAX Compliance Center in Seoul
KT, LG-Nortel, and Nortel collaborate at KT's Mobile WiMAX Service Conformance Verification Center (SCVC) in Seoul, South Korea, in order to evaluate product compliance with WiMax standards.
From Wireless Developer Network, June 06, 2007

DeKalb Council Examines Downtown Wi-Fi
City officials are considering working with representatives from Northern Illinois University to establish a wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) network in downtown DeKalb. Members of the DeKalb City Council discussed the issue during a Committee of the Whole meeting on May 29.
From The MidWeek, June 06, 2007

Integrated Parking Solutions Goes for Wi-Fi
Parking Lots Go High-Tech With Wi-Fi Wireless Tracking And Management System
From Wireless Networks Online, June 05, 2007

Swedish Buses Deploy Mesh
Veolia Transport Deploys Firetide Wireless Mesh Network to Capture Crucial Operational Data
From Earthtimes.org, June 05, 2007

Nortel Muni Wireless Thrust Includes Local Partners
As Nortel announces projects in Colorado and North Carolina, cities and ISPs see opportunities for strategic partnerships.
From eWeek.com, June 05, 2007

Minneapolis Wi-Fi Boots Up
The first segment of the city's high-speed wireless Internet network has gone live, and it works. But Wi-Fi service won't come downtown until sometime next week, and the whole city won't be done until November. The cost is $20 per month.
From Minneapolis Star-Tribune, June 05, 2007

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