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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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St. Louis Park: Cloudy Day for Wi-Fi
It was the first of 400 pairs of solar panels and radio nodes designed to power and connect St. Louis Park's wireless Internet service. And it wasn't welcome.
From Minneapolis Star-Tribune, May 02, 2007

Macon (GA) Deploys Municipal Wireless
The city of Macon, Ga., announced it deployed a citywide Wi-Fi network using equipment and technology from Motorola Inc. The city deployed Motorola's Motomesh offering in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band for residents and city workers and in the licensed 4.9 GHz band for public-safety uses.
From RCR News, May 01, 2007

Newton (MA) to Have City-Wide Wi-Fi Mesh
Galaxy Internet Services has selected Strix Systems to provide its Access/One Outdoor Wireless System (OWS) high-capacity, multi-radio mesh network for the city-wide Wi-Fi network in Newton, Massachusetts.
From Government Technology, April 30, 2007

Rural TeleCon Slated for Illinois
Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn, Chairman of the Illinois Broadband Deployment Council and the Governor's Rural Affairs Council, in partnership with the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, will the Rural Telecon in Springfield this October 14-17, 2007.
From RuralTelecon.org, April 27, 2007

EarthLink Scaling Back, Focuses Muni Wi-Fi Effort
The ISP will keep working on projects it's already committed to and continue talking to other cities, but will focus on large cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago, Chief Financial Officer Kevin Dotts said on a conference call Thursday following the release of EarthLink's first-quarter earnings. The company lost $30 million in the quarter, or 24 cents per share, as more subscribers left its traditional dial-up business.
From InfoWorld.com, April 27, 2007

Wilkes-Barre (PA) Wi-Fi Plans Sidetracked
When the city selected Airport Infrastructure Management last year to install, operate and maintain the wireless system across the city's 7 square miles, it was announced there would be no cost to the city to install it. When city council members later learned the city could be a liable for a $1.25 million debt if the company defaults on a loan, they voted against the deal April 12.
From The Citizen's Voice, April 26, 2007

TimeWarner Customers Get Wi-Fi Hotspots
In a big win for a little Wi-Fi startup called Fon, Time Warner Cable Inc. will let its home broadband customers turn their connections into public wireless hotspots, a practice shunned by most U.S. Internet service providers.
From AP, April 25, 2007

Filtering Boston's Free Municipal Wi-Fi Net
A blog post nails the legality of filtering.
From ZDnet, April 25, 2007

City of London Wi-Fi Network Densest
The mesh network covers London's Square Mile using 127 broadband nodes built into street furniture - such as lampposts and street signs - across the city. A mesh network can make connections from one node to another rather than relying on each connecting back to a core network separately.
From Silicon.com, April 23, 2007

Chicago Still Ways Away from Citywide Wi-Fi
Nearly two years after a citywide wireless network was first discussed in Chicago's City Council, the city's procurement department is still six months away from choosing a service provider to construct the network.
From NWI Times.com, April 21, 2007

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