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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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Wi-Fi fight in Chicago Air
A digital wireless future is shaping up for Chicago, with two major Internet service providers -- AT&T and EarthLink -- vying to build a municipal broadband network that would operate alongside a higher-end service planned by Sprint Nextel.
From Chicago Tribune, April 20, 2007

Clearwire Posts Solid Q1 Subscriber Growth
Clearwire Corp. unveiled a handful of operating results for the first quarter, claiming "record subscriber growth" of more than 25 percent from its year-end 2006 customer levels.
From RCT News, April 19, 2007

Two Cautioned Over Wireless Internet "Piggy-Backing"
Two people have been arrested and cautioned for using someone else's wireless Internet connection without permission, known as "piggy-backing," British police said on Wednesday.
From Reuters, April 18, 2007

Service Provider Azulstar in Santa Monica
"The end goal is to provide internet services to residences, businesses and visitors alike," said Jory Wolf, the City's Chief Information Officer. "If all goes well... we envision AzulStar is going to be operational by the end of next fiscal year, in June of 2008."
From SurfSantaMonica.com, April 18, 2007

Intel: Wireless Spectrum Can Get Crowded
The use of multiple radios, or wireless transmitters, will push the adoption of mobile technologies, but will require industry coordination and careful construction, an Intel executive said Monday in Beijing.
From PC World, April 16, 2007

Wi-Fi Models Look for Anchors
Wi-Fi business models are morphing into what many consider more practical, predictable plans for providing sustainable municipal mesh networks. IDC's Godfrey Chua says that at a high level, given a relatively densely populated urban setting, metro-scale Wi-Fi coverage makes sense because the economics are very favorable at around $5 million to $15 million to cover a city.
From Wireless Week, April 15, 2007

Pune Goes Wireless, City All Tied Up
As Bhattacharjee's government sits on proposals for high-speed wireless Internet connectivity for Calcutta, Pune Municipal Corporation has signed up with chip major Intel and Microsense to provide wireless connectivity - by using Wi-Fi and WiMAX technologies.
From Telegraph India, April 11, 2007

CitySense Network to Track Weather, Offer Wi-Fi
Researchers at Harvard University and BBN Technologies have designed a wireless network capable of reporting real-time sensor data across an entire city.
From PC World, April 09, 2007

Houston Wi-Fi Deal Would Benefit City Workers
Mayor Bill White's administration is urging the City Council to approve a $2.5 million contract with EarthLink Inc. that would allow city workers to use the massive wireless network the company plans to build in the next two years.
From Houston Chronicle, April 09, 2007

NextWave Buys IPWireless
NextWave Wireless's grand strategy became clearer Monday as it announced it would acquire IPWireless, which has successfully developed pioneering services and products for mobile TV and public safety networks.
From Information Week, April 09, 2007

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