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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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Anatel Approves Municipal Wi-Fi Law
The Brazilian telecoms regulator Anatel has approved regulations to allow the country's 5,561 municipalities to offer low-cost Wi-Fi internet access, writes BNamericas, citing a statement from the watchdog.
From Telegeography, March 29, 2007

Metro-Scale Neworks Seem to Have Security Act Together
The edge of the network, the individual Wi-Fi node to which users connect, could be particularly vulnerable to a host of well-known attacks, including DNS (domain name system) poisoning, DHCP poisoning, evil twins, cross-VLAN sniffing, and denial of service (DoS).
From Wi-Fi Net News, March 29, 2007

Las Vegas Tourist Boom Draws Wi-Fi Options
With the lure of 40 million tourists annually and a growing population, the Las Vegas area is also attracting lots of interest in Wi-Fi networks by companies hoping to cash in on the swarms of Internet users looking for high-speed Web access.
From Computerworld, March 28, 2007

Supervisors and Activists Against S.F. Wi-Fi
Newsom needed a pro-Wi-Fi coalition broader than the PR team responsible for his phony man-o-the-poor image. There are actually hundreds of thousands of San Franciscans who believe wide broadband access is crucial to social empowerment and economic growth, and they were left out of the loop.
From SF Weekly, March 28, 2007

Faster Package Tracking with Wi-Fi
Municipal plans to provide Prague residents with free wireless access have stalled, but a fast-growing Irish company is coming to the city to satisfy this demand, offering a simple system to help cafés and hotels provide free, ad-supported broadband wireless service to their customers.
From Wi-Fi Planet, March 27, 2007

Wi-Fi Debuts in Orlando: A Bit Late but Faster
It's months behind schedule, and its developer is still trying to determine how to make the investment pay off, but free wireless Internet is starting to reach the streets of downtown Orlando.
From Orlando Sentinel, March 24, 2007

FCC Classifies Wireless Broadband as "Telecommuncations"
The approach is consistent with the framework the Commission has established for cable modem service, wireless broadband Internet access service, and BPL-enabled Internet access service, thus furthering the goal of regulating like services in a similar manner.
From FCC.gov, March 22, 2007

Wi-Next to Provide Broadband Access to Italy's Alta Langa
The project - which began two years ago - uses Wi-Next's NAAW system, an open-source Wi-Fi mesh technology developed in conjunction with the Automatics and Informatics Department of the Politecnico University in Turin.
From Telephony World, March 22, 2007

The Killing of Wi-Fi
The sudden emergence of the whole cell network as your Internet connection is to show the public that there is plenty of wireless connectivity already and, golly, stop the idea of doing free Wi-Fi in municipalities.
From PC Magazine, March 22, 2007

S.F. Mayor's Reelection and Municipal Wi-Fi
While a popular incumbent with no declared challenger could afford to run a positive campaign message of unity, Newsom's website is replete with divisive attacks on the Board of Supervisors - with a strange focus on Municipal Wi-Fi.
From Beyond Chron, March 20, 2007

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