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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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Time Warner Raises North Carolina Cable Prices
Time Warner's most popular package -- bundling Road Runner Internet service with the lowest tier digital TV programming -- will increase 3.1 percent to $107.95 a month in the Triangle, spokesman Brad Phillips said.
From The News & Observer, January 16, 2008

Freedom4 Launches WiMax in Milton Keynes
FREEDOM4 has joined forces with ConnectMK to offer the first UK commercial wireless broadband service using WiMAX technology.
From Unstrung, January 16, 2008

FCC Chief Says Economy Could Hurt 700 MHz Sale
The head of the Federal Communications Commission expressed concern on Tuesday that the credit crunch could hinder bidders in an upcoming government auction of wireless airwaves.
From Reuters, January 16, 2008

ConnectKentucky Responds to Art Brodky's Article
"Rebutting Misrepresentations and Inaccuracies from Art Brodsky’s Recent Post Regarding ConnectKentucky and Connected Nation"
From Connected Nation, Inc., January 15, 2008

The Top Seven Intelligent Communities of the Year
Role models for the world's best practices in creating competitive local economies and vibrant societies in today's hyper-competitive global economy, which broadband communications is increasingly linking into a dynamic whole.
From Intelligent Community Forum, January 15, 2008

Google Revs Up Grand Prix for iPhone
According to internal data shared with The New York Times, Google saw more cell phone traffic from iPhones on Christmas Day than from any other kind of mobile device, despite the fact that the iPhone accounts for just 2 percent of the global smartphone market.
From Newsfactor.com, January 15, 2008

Wireless Oakland Seeks More Investors
A $70 million shortfall put Wireless Oakland temporarily on hold Monday, stalling the rollout of free Internet service beyond portions of seven pilot cities.
From The Oakland Press, January 15, 2008

Cape Town’s Broadband Network "Makes It Smarter"
Cape Town is the first African city to enter in the ICF awards three-year history. Among other things, the adjudicators look for digital inclusion, effective marketing, knowledge workforce and broadband infrastructure.
From MyADSL, January 14, 2008

Milwaukee Schools Turning Broadband into Cash
Three local educational institutions have discovered they are sitting on the telecommunications equivalent of beachfront property, and they're about to cash in - to the tune of more than $100 million over 30 years.
From Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, January 14, 2008

New WiMax Service Could Expand Atlanta Internet Offerings
Washington-based wireless Internet provider Clearwire this week began seeking executives, through hiring Web sites, to launch their Atlanta operation. At the same time, the company has filed papers with Gwinnett County planners, apparently to begin putting up the equipment that would allow it to offer long-range high-speed service.
From Atlanta-Journal Constitution, January 14, 2008

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