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Keep abreast of the latest progress of community broadband-wireless deployments.
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EC Approves £3.4 Million Public Funding for Broadband in Scotland
The measure is the final step to bring affordable broadband services to all Scottish citizens.
From eGov Monitor, May 02, 2008

Colorado Wireless Communities Plans Delayed
Plans to install citywide wireless Internet networks in Boulder, Broomfield and other local municipalities have hit a stumbling block because the Boulder-based vendor picked to install the system can't raise enough money.
From The Daily Camera, May 02, 2008

Temple University Forum to Discussion Wireless Philadelphia
The Media Mobilizing Project and Temple University's School of Communications and Theater are co-hosting a public forum, which will be the beginning of an ongoing dialogue about the future of Philly WiFi and the city's promise to provide affordable broadband access to all residents.
From Media Mobilization Project, May 02, 2008

No Go for Free Sydney Wirless Plan
Yet another NSW Government infrastructure project has bit the dust, with the Minister for Commerce today announcing the promised free wireless broadband network for the Sydney CBD and other major centres would be scrapped.
From The Sydney Morning Herald, May 02, 2008

August (GA) Moving Ahead on Well Funded Wi-Fi Plan
Armed with a $500,000 state grant and $800,000 of city funds, Hewett said the city will install access points covering four square miles of downtown in the 200,000-resident city.
From Search CIO, May 02, 2008

EarthLink to Shut Down New Orleans Wi-Fi
New Orleans is about to lose its municipal Wi-Fi network as EarthLink plans to halt its participation in the citywide project on May 18, an EarthLink spokesman said Friday.
From InformationWeek, May 02, 2008

Boston Settles on Hotspot Patchwork
he latest addition to the hodgepodge of restaurants, coffee shops, and libraries offering free Wi-Fi is FreeFi Networks' hotspot at Roxbury Community College.
From InformationWeek, May 02, 2008

Hospital Techies Urge Limits on 'White Space' Wi-Fi
"If a new white space application that's operating thousands of times more powerfully came online, either in the hospital or outside the hospital, it could very well directly interfere with the telemetry system and prevent patient monitoring," Tim Kottak, engineering general manager for GE Healthcare's systems and wireless division, said in a telephone interview with CNET News.com this week.
From CNET, May 01, 2008

FCC May Re-Auction D-Block Later This Year
ef Kevin Martin has announced that the FCC’s May agenda includes discussion of what to do with the D-Block spectrum which failed to sell at the 700 MHz auction earlier this year. The discussion will review all of the rules associated with auctioning the public safety spectrum including whether it is necessary to lower the reserve price in order for a sale to take place.
From DSL Reports, May 01, 2008

Interop: Vendors Tackle Wi-Fi Troubles
The Wi-Fi technology brings wired Ethernet-like performance to WLANs, but the access points that connect mobile devices to the network typically use more power than a school's or business' older power over Ethernet system can deliver.
From InformationWeek, May 01, 2008

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