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Brookline Mesh Network Is Multi-Use for Public Safety and People

On July 18, 2007, in a special "wire cutting" event, the Town of Brookline launched the region’s first border-to-border municipal Wi-Fi network. According to the Town, the goal of the project was to satisfy its need for improved public safety and municipal communications, while providing consumers and businesses with new options for Internet access. The business model is a public-private partnership between Brookline and Galaxy Internet Services of Newton, Mass., based on technology provided by Strix Systems.

The Broadband Wireless Communities Report believes that Brookline is the first municipality in the United States to have a border-to-border multi-use first responder Wi-Fi network that uses licensed 4.9-GHz frequencies for police and fire, and standard Wi-Fi for consumers.

The network, which successfully contends with the foliage-dense and obstacle-rich municipality, will give Brookline's Police Department broadband-level performance where it can now access police reports, crime incidents databases, GIS information and can also be used for remote access to video surveillance cameras and related equipments. In addition, the network supports traditional Internet services and voice communications (VoIP) for public safety, municipal, and commercial/consumer applications. Brookline offers free trial accounts for residents, businesses and visitors.

Watch a news report on Brookline's implementation. Click for more information.

Town of Brookline, Massachusetts,
Brookline's wire cutting, on July 18, 2007, marked the successful culmination of a two-year planning, RFP, and deployment process for a citywide broadband-wireless infrastructure.

Town of Brookline, Massachusetts, outdoor access point mounted on telephone pole.

Town of Brookline, Massachusetts, mounted outdoor access point.














Outdoor Wi-Fi access points mounted on telephone poles in Brookline.


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