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Published electronically every Thursday, the W2i Government Broadband Wireless Report (The W2i Report) explores the issues surrounding the planning and implementation of broadband-wireless infrastructures, applications and services for cities, communities and regions. The W2i Report features commentaries and interviews with CIOs, wireless field practitioners, industry experts, and local-government association leaders, as well as a dozen independent bloggers. It includes data bases on leading case studies, business opportunities (RFPs) and headlines. All broadband-wireless stakeholders — from local-government officials and IT managers to the ecosystem of equipment and application vendors and systems integrators — are encouraged to subscribe.

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2007-04-05  Grand Rapids WiMAX; Inclusion Metrics

2007-03-29  Houston Schools Tap Wi-Fi; Lawyer's Checklist

2007-03-22  U.S. Proposed Broadband Legislation in 2007: State-by-state

2007-03-13  Access and Accessibility

2007-03-06  Wi-Fi Must Pay for Itself; 2007 Awards

2007-02-27  One Network, Multiple Densities; W2i Chicago

2007-02-20  Connect Kentucky; Tempe Follow-Up

2007-02-13  Reflecting on Minneapolis; Tempe Sponsors

2007-02-06  Spotlight on Pittsburgh; Seattle White Paper

2007-01-31  WinstonNet Vision Expands with Wireless

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W2i Free White Papers